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Arctic Crosshairs

Arctic Crosshairs is semi-realistic wolf RPG site. In the harsher northern reaches of Canada, will the wolves will form together or will they do anything to survive the battle of hunger.

Rank Site In Out
| Incandescence |
2884 556

Where once the lands lay twisted in human desolation, a new order has risen. In the realm of Candenta, wolves reign supreme, but are you prepared to withstand their flame? Open for 3 years.
'Souls RPG
2339 879

An advanced writing, post-apocalyptic wolf, werewolf, and canine RPG taking place in Nova Scotia. Come join our diverse population of characters and players who have been awesome and active since 2001
MMORPG warofhell game
1964 2445

MMORPG free online game warofhell.com
Select a race and start playing. Hunt monsters summon them
do alchemy forge weapons beat lords get #1 rank top spot.
build an army. beat your enemies. FREE FOREVER

Serenity River Pack
1642 608

A down-to-earth pack, which aims to be a fun place to hang out! We're an active literate RP, and try to include each of our members.
Age Of The Wolves
1587 640

Age Of The Wolves is a semi-realistic wolf RP. Come join our ranks, start a family, choose a side, and do what your heart desires. We are looking for literate writers who love wolves as much as we do!
The African Stars Pack
1530 1007

A canid roleplay based in the heart of Africa. You can choose from many different types of canines; beginner-advanced roleplay. We also have games, contests, and activities. Never a dull moment!
Ruins of Wildwood
1496 1441
Ruins of Wildwood is a realistic wolf roleplaying game set in the forest of Relic Lore. As a new pack takes root amongst the wreckage of a wildfire they must learn to work together to defend their land and keep their pack strong or risk losing everything.
1103 383

Animus is a brand new semi-realistic elemental wolf roleplay! It is a community that is very free form and user focused. Creating a pack is fairly easy and elemental affiliation will not tie you down!
1084 79

We are a magical animal roleplay, with over 15 free-to-play species, a unique magic system, free-form clan creation, lots of buy-ables, plenty of IC and OC events, and a welcoming community!
Memento Mori
894 1564

The time has come, we have forgotten that we too bleed, that we feel pain. Now, we must remember those mortal justices as vices that we too keep. Remember, Guardians, remember we must die.
836 956

Nine species. Three gods. Total chaos.
Enter the madness.
{ wolf/human shifter }{ fantasy }{ active }
Bacchus Dire
670 502

BDF is an open-world semi-realistic/fantasy feral animal roleplaying forum set in a post-human world where animals have evolved paw dexterity and primitive technology.
In Dires Straits
619 410

In Dire Straits is a highly active animal RP taking place in a fictional region, “The Dire Straits”, loosely based on the tail end of the ice age.
613 194

Sverige is a PG-13, post-apocalyptic, statted, fantasy wolf RPG set in Sweden. The world is constantly expanding. There is no word count and we have an open application!
480 341

Doutaini is a semi-realistic elemental wolf rp that has many packs, deep lore, advanced story and 7 sentance minimum for posting. Alive for 8+ years with a positive and accepting member base.
Method Resurrection
478 843

Semi-realistic, intermediate-advanced wolf roleplay. We have a big member base, and focus on stretching a writer's muscle! Stop by and say hello!
460 326
Doutaini is a semi-realistic elemental wolf role play which accepts all manner of writers. We are a very friendly community and would love to see some new faces!
Point Of No Return
428 766

PONR is a literate wolf/human shifter roleplay with ever changing plots, friendly members, and loads of activity. Open since March 2009
The Lost Ones
304 534

(Literate Fantasy Werewolf RP Site) Welcome stranger. Choose your path, choose your pack, and begin your destiny.
Sinister Chaos
255 186

Chaos split the earth, the elements rise, and death leads the way. Will you take the chance to let the elements and death rule you?
Cherished Shadows
229 321

| run with the shadows of the cherished |
Literate, semi-realistic, active wolf role-play, excelling in both paragraph and speed role-play.
Dog Days | A Mature British Animal RPG
207 381

active members | 18+ | nearly no limits
We are a multi-species rpg based loosely around mating. We have friendly members so come on in!
Remnants of Shadow
206 380

Friendly, active daily, many plots and packs, & have been together for 4+ years. 250 word minimum average(but we have special areas for beginners). Must be at least 13 years of age.
Haven's Grove
202 303

Semi-Realistic LITERATE Wolf RPG site! We've recently changed our layout and now have all 3 packs open as well as over 27+ areas to RP in! Come join us!
Were the World Mine
183 220

In the beginning, there was death... the sickness that's driving us mad was... is... all around. There's no escaping this. Madness is not a state of being. It is a place. Shall you go there?
165 252

A PG13 fantasy/mythology wolf site where the Sun God and the Moon Goddess are in a struggle for immortality against the Time God.
140 292

Incendio is a literate-advanced mostly realistic wolf role-play site. There are 2 packs within the valley, 15+ locations to role-play, player-on-player and site-wide plots.
Risking it All
121 245

A member-driven feral dog RPG that is very active and set in Cascaro, Maine. Come join the fun!
Cinis Cor
120 437

The Third Age has risen in this world we call our own and the tales of long ago are forgotten. But there comes a time when the fate of one, can influence many.
117 503

We are a realistic wolf site for moderate to advanced writers, with a 250 word count. Join a pack, or make one of your own. Customize characters with the shop, earn awards, and enjoy your stay.
Wolf's Tear
109 599
Wolf's Tear is an semi-realistic, intermediate wolf/shifter roleplay with a story created around life, love, death, and revenge. Who will win the war, the wolves or the Wolfiends? Created July 2004!
Forest Spirit
106 357
We accept roleplayers of any level from beginner to advanced. Forest Spirit is a fantasy canine and feline roleplay, and we also allow members to roleplay as prey animals. Our site has a word count of 150.
Wolves Of Chandra
104 111

Wolves of Chandra is a semi-realistic-literal role play site. It is for all levels of role play from beginner-advanced. Come join us as we run under the Moon, wild and free.
Fire and Ice Wolf Packs
94 1010

An active literate WRPG since 2006, we are a diverse community who welcomes writers of all ages and experiences, unlimited plots, hundreds of chances, six packs and only one land.
89 371

Wolf is a semi-realistic wolf role-playing game focused on three principles: simple, casual, fun.
Seasonal Trackers Pack
88 371

This site is a bit advanced at first, but can be a blast if you give it a chance. Members are welcomed warmly and you will always feel like you belong. We've many forums to RP and other entertaining
New Dreams
88 362

Welcome to Arakva, where Wolves rule as Kings, Queens, Guards and Alchemists.
{Unique}{Fantasy Wolf}{New}{Active}
Imporia: Resurrection
87 130

New Kingdoms have risen and now the power struggle continues. Werewolves, Feline Shifters, Fairies and Vampires call this island home.
Ruby Moonlight
85 631

Come and check us out~ We don't bite, Promise? Well... maybe a little.
81 238

A member-driven site about dogs with powers facing up against dogs without. prejudice and hatred runs wild!
77 325

Verity is a play by post realistic wolf roleplay. It is set in a world that humans never existed, and life remained lush and green. Verity is a site made for all level of rpers, with fun games, and a
Shadows on the Island
76 180

Multi specie from domesticated animals to wild ones and humans too; all trapped on an island cloaked in the mystery that is the Bermuda Triangle
Land of Ruin
73 308

Welcome to the Land of Ruin! We are an elemental wolf rpg site with unique features. We have a 7 sentence minimum and accept all levels of writing. With an active community and friendly staff we welco
The Rain Pack
66 231

After much dedicated time, TRP has closed and reopened in a version 2! TRPv2 is a semi-realistic wolf RPG with a brand new look. We hope to see you soon!
64 317

Ascension is an all-level Magical Wolf roleplay. Collect elemental powers as you discover them and level up your character through accumulation of XP and quests.
Spectrum--a completely freestyle wolf rpg
62 506

Spectrum is an all-level, entirely freestyle wolf rpg where members are encouraged to stretch their minds and exercise as much creativity as possible when it comes to characters and plots.
Blue Eclipse Pack
59 169

We are canine pack with special abiltys to call the blue eclipse on our side. We use it for good things like hunting, healing and fighting rivals.
Midnight Whispers Pack
57 171

A small pack that has fun and unique plots and settings. The question is: Will you join in on their search?
49 151

A semi-realistic literate RP, following the lives of two packs based in the Canadian and Alaskan regions during the 1960s.
49 158

The possibilities are endless.

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